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Missouri DMV license plate renewal


    Missouri DMV License Plate Renewal: A Comprehensive Guide

    When it comes to renewing your license plates in Missouri, understanding the process and requirements is essential to ensure compliance with state regulations. The Missouri Department of Revenue (DOR) oversees the renewal of license plates, offering various convenient options for residents.

    Renewal Process:

    To renew your license plates in Missouri, you can choose to do so online, by mail, or in person at a Missouri Department of Revenue DMV office. The renewal notice you receive will indicate the available renewal methods. If you opt for online renewal, you will need to have your Personal Identification Number (PIN) from the renewal notice.

    Requirements for Renewal:

    To successfully renew your license plates, you will need to provide a paid personal property tax receipt from the Collector of Revenue’s office or a property tax waiver from the City Assessor’s office if no personal property tax was assessed for the prior year. Additionally, you must present the vehicle’s title, a Missouri Highway Patrol safety inspection (if applicable), an emissions inspection notice, proof of car insurance, and proper identification such as a driver’s license.

    Renewal Options

    Residents of the City of St. Louis have the option to renew their plates online at the Missouri Department of Revenue website if eligible. For those not eligible for online renewal, they can visit a Missouri Department of Revenue location near them. The renewal fees vary based on the services required, and payment can be made by check or credit card.

    Additional Information:

    It’s important to note that safety and emissions inspections are still required for registering a new vehicle in Missouri. The renewal process ensures that your vehicle remains compliant with state regulations and that you can continue to legally operate it on Missouri roads.

    For more detailed information and to access official resources, you can visit the Missouri Department of Revenue Motor Vehicle Titling and Registration page. This official website provides comprehensive details on license plate renewal, registration requirements, and other essential information related to vehicle ownership in Missouri.

    How to renew a Missouri license plate online

    To renew your Missouri license plates online, you will need the following:

    1. Your vehicle registration renewal notice that contains your Personal Identification Number (PIN). 
    2. A paid personal property tax receipt from the Collector of Revenue’s office. 
    3. Proof of car insurance for the vehicle. 
    4. If applicable, a vehicle safety inspection form and emissions inspection notice. 
    5. A debit card, credit card, or e-check to pay the renewal fees.

    Once you have these items, you can go to the Missouri Department of Revenue’s website at and follow the steps to renew your license plates online. 

    The online renewal process is fast, convenient, and allows you to avoid waiting in line at a license office. 

     After completing the transaction, you will receive a printable receipt, and your new renewal tabs will be mailed to you. 

    1If you are unable to renew online for any reason, you can also renew by mail, by phone, or in person at a Missouri license office. 

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