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Kentucky Transportation Cabinet

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    Kentucky Transportation Cabinet: Overview and Resources

    The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) is a state agency responsible for managing and maintaining the Commonwealth’s transportation infrastructure. The KYTC oversees various aspects of transportation, including road construction, traffic management, and stormwater management. KYTC District 1 Traffic Impact Report provides weekly updates on ongoing construction activities that impact traffic, helping drivers plan their routes and avoid potential delays. 

    The KYTC also conducts Work Zone Process Reviews (WZPRs) to ensure safety and mobility in work zones. These reviews utilize data-driven, systematic, and comprehensive approaches to identify issues and best practices, incorporating quantitative data assessments of outcomes.The KYTC’s Office of Highway Safety is committed to reducing crashes, injuries, and fatalities on Kentucky’s roadways. The office provides educational resources, awareness campaigns, and enforcement efforts to promote safe driving practices.In addition to transportation infrastructure management, the KYTC is responsible for stormwater management.

    The KYTC’s 2020 MS4 Annual Report highlights the agency’s efforts to comply with federal and state regulations related to stormwater management.For more information on the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, visit the following links:

    By staying informed and utilizing resources provided by the KYTC, Kentuckians can contribute to safer roadways and improved transportation infrastructure.

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