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DMV Colorado Springs

To obtain services at the DMV in Colorado Springs, Colorado, you need to schedule an appointment. Here is the relevant information:

DMV Office Information:

  • Address: The DMV office in Colorado Springs is located at 1675 West Garden of the Gods Road, Colorado Springs, CO.
  • Phone Number: You can contact them at 719-520-6240.
  • Opening Hours: The office operates Monday through Friday, with additional Saturday hours at the North Office from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Procedures Available:

  • The DMV handles certification of motor vehicle titles and registrations.
  • It also offers select driver’s license services and license renewals.

Making an Appointment:

  1. Online Scheduler: You can book your appointment online using the scheduler provided on the Colorado DMV website.
  2. Phone Assistance: If you prefer to call, you can reach them at (303) 205-5948 for assistance.

Driver License and Vehicle Registration:

  • For driver’s license services and vehicle registration, it is essential to schedule an appointment through the online system or by phone.
  • Most title and registration services are typically completed at county motor vehicle offices.

By following these steps and contacting the provided phone numbers, you can efficiently navigate the process of obtaining driver’s license and vehicle registration services at the DMV office in Colorado Springs.


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