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DMV Casper

Casper, Wyoming DMV Information

  • Address: The Casper DMV office address is:
    Casper Driver Services
    800 Bryan Stock Trail
    Casper, Wyoming 82601
  • Phone Number: For inquiries or to schedule an appointment, you can contact them at (307) 413-3333.
  • Opening Hours: The operating hours of the Casper DMV office may vary, so it is recommended to confirm directly with the office for their specific hours of operation.

Procedures Available at the Casper DMV Office

  1. Vehicle Registration Services:
    • Registering a new vehicle.
    • Renewing vehicle registration.
    • Title work for vehicles.
  2. Driver’s License Services:
    • Applying for a new driver’s license.
    • Renewing driver’s licenses.
  3. Other Services:
    • Address changes on driver’s licenses and vehicle registrations.
    • License plate issuance and renewal.

Making an Appointment at the Casper DMV Office

To make an appointment at the Casper DMV office, you have two options:

  1. Online Scheduler:
    • Utilize online scheduling systems like AppointmentPages5 or visit the official Wyoming Department of Transportation website for appointment scheduling.
  2. Phone Assistance:
    • Contact the office directly at (307) 413-3333 to schedule your appointment5.

Appointments are recommended at the Casper DMV office to ensure prompt service and avoid long wait times. If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, contact the office in advance.For more detailed information on specific procedures, required documentation, and any additional services offered at the Casper DMV office, individuals are encouraged to visit the official Wyoming Department of Transportation website or contact the office directly.

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